Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sedition Sunday #4: Lucy Parsons

This week Sunday Sedition focuses on Lucy Parsons. She was a labour organizer, an anarcho-communist and leading member of the International Workers Of the World also known as the Wobblies. "My conception of the strike of the future is not to strike and go out and starve, but to strike and remain in and take possession of the necessary property of production." - Lucy Parsons

She was born sometime in the early 1850's in Texas. The woman who the Chicago Police Department described as "more dangerous than a thousand rioters" went on to become a labour organizer in Chicago with her husband Albert Parsons. After her husband was martyred in the aftermath of the Haymarket Affair she continued on with her labour activism with the Wobblies.

Lucy Parsons gave fiery speeches her whole life, inspiring Studs Terkel in her 80's. She died as result of a house fire in 1942. The police promptly seized her 1500 book library and all her writings. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

O.P.P. #3: The Flop House

It's time for another week of Other People's Podcasts. This week we laugh and cringe with the Flop House. Twice a month they watch a "bad" movie and then "talk" about it.

Who? The Flophouse is hosted by three people, Dan McCoy, a writer for the Daily Show and the person who owns the equipment & edits the show, Elliot Kalan, head writer for the Daily Show and comedian Stuart Wellington.

What's This Show? Twice a month these three men gather together, watch a movie and then talk about it. It is as much about bad movies as it is pitches for a ziggy movie and words that sounds like other words. They are all very funny, charming people and have excellent chemistry together. They are quick to jump on any joke they can think of including sometimes just words that sounds like other words. They can be very silly, Elliot's improvised songs can be questionable at times, but generally they are genuinely hilarious. Sometimes they even have good things to say about movies, just usually not the one they just watched.

The Best Way In: This podcast really is more about the conversation and cracking silly jokes than it really is about the movie. There are two ways in here that are pretty common for movie podcasts, choose one that you know very well or at least have seen and start with that, then there's no worry about feeling left out of the conversation because you don't know the film. Otherwise just choose a classically bad movie and hang out for awhile.

Recommendations? For older episodes I would try something like Bratz or Wild Hogs, or even some of the movie minutes like On Vacation or A Beckinsale Tale. In terms of newer episodes they've watched Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return which is insane, I also quite enjoyed God's Not Dead,  Easy Rider: The Ride Back & Foodfight.

Y/o/d/o/c/o/l/t/s - 2016 - Enter The Raw

Y/o/d/o/c/o/l/t/s is a garage rock band from Tokyo, Japan. Enter The Raw is their debut EP. Y/o/d/o/c/o/l/t/s play an on overdriven and almost completely blown out brand of garage rock. Occasionally they punk thing up with some up tempo ragers but usually these songs stay mid-tempo while covering everything in distortion. The songs are good but when everything is coated in noise & distortion there is little to do other than float along with the omnipresent thumping bass. If you're looking for some garage rock with punk influences that keeps the needle in the red Y/o/d/o/c/o/l/t/s' debut EP Enter The Raw will serve well.

Friday, September 23, 2016

haymaker - 2016 - Taxed...Tracked...Inoculated...Enslaved

Haymaker is a hardcore punk band from Hamilton, Ontario. Taxed...Tracked...Inoculated...Enslaved is their new LP courtesy of A389 Recordings. Haymaker play a particularly aggressive brand of hardcore punk verging towards grindcore, blasting through these 20 tracks of righteous indignation in under 20 minutes. Even 15 years after their first LP, the legendary It Only Gets Worse, Haymaker has lost no speed or hostility. This is the soundtrack to the oncoming apocalypse.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Vivre Sa Vie - 2016 - Demo

Vivre Sa Vie is a screamo band from Stockholm, Sweden. Demo is their debut recordings. Vivre Sa Vie play a relatively straight forward brand of screamo bringing in some elements of post-hardcore and emoviolence for moodiness & chaos respectively. War starts off with a riff and a blood curdling scream before a moment of melody and then explosion. Forever works the same idea but layers disturbingly raw vocals overtop of meandering, almost twinkling guitars before exploding. While this Demo is inconsistent there is a spark that keeps drawing me back in.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Krimewatch - 2016 - Demo

Krimewatch is a four piece female fronted hardcore punk band from New York City, New York. Demo is their debut recordings. Krimewatch play a straightforward, no frills brand of hardcore punk that has found a home in NYC for a long time now. When the band is firing on all cylinders they produce some fiery, riff focused hard hitting hardcore punk. The closing two songs, No Sympathy and Peach Generation make me want to hear where this band is going. Krimewatch's demo is a good starting place for some powerful hardcore punk.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dauðyflin - 2016 - Demo

Dauðyflin is a female fronted punk rock band from Reykjavík, Iceland. Members of Dauðyflin have also played in Börn. This demo is their debut recordings in preparation for a proper debut EP released in July. Dauðyflin play a stripped brand of hardcore punk content to generate distortion and noise while thumping and flailing through these songs. Whether the raw, lofi feel of this recording is a purposeful choice or a by product of the recording process remains to be seen. Dauðyflin have laid out a statement of intent, play it loud like it's supposed to be played.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Aedh - 2016 - Au-Delà des Cendres

Aedh is an atmospheric black metal band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Au-Delà des Cendres is their debut LP courtesy of Werewolf Promotions following one independently issued demo and one courtesy of Dying Sun Records.

Aedh is the result of one man producing traditionally icy, demonic & blistering black metal that coats itself in layers of cold noise & field recordings. If you like black metal complete with the pained screams of the damned and diabolical guitars summoning arctic fury this will scratch that itch. Thanks to TakeMetal for pointing this out.


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Gojira - 2016 - Silvera

Sedition Sunday #3: Mujeres Libres

This week's Sedition Sunday focuses not on an individual but on a group, Mujeres Libres (Free Women). Mujeres Libres was an anarcho-feminist collective formed in 1936. Their ideological basis was what they called the "double struggle", that women's liberation and the revolution would go hand in hand. They organized themselves to assert their voices in the revolution and to ensure that the revolution would carry their voices. Today's book Free Women Of Spain: Anarchism And The Struggle For The Emancipation Of Women is written by Martha Ackelsberg.

You can purchase the book from AK Press here. What follows is from the AK Press page: cowards don't make history; and the women of Mujeres Libres (Free Women) were no cowards. Courageous enough to create revolutionary change in their daily lives, these women mobilized over 20,000 women into an organized network during the Spanish Revolution, to strive for community, education, and equality for women and the emancipation of all. Militants in the anarcho-syndicalist CNT union, Mujeres Libres struggled against fascism, the State, and reaction; and the less than supportive attitudes and concerns of their male comrades. Martha Ackelsberg writes a comprehensive study of Mujeres Libres, intertwining interviews with the women themselves and analysis connecting them with modern feminist movements. This new edition includes additional research Ackelsberg carried out for the Spanish language edition, together with a brand new introduction written in the light of the new social movements, and resurgence of anarchism, post-Seattle..

Martha Ackelsberg is is a Professor of Government and a member of the Women's Studies Program Committee at Smith College, where she teaches courses in political theory, urban politics, political activism, and feminist theory. She has contributed to a variety of anthologies on women's political activism in the United States

Altered Dead - 2016 - Altered Dead

Altered Dead is a two piece death metal band from Victoria, British Colombia, Canada. Altered Dead is their debut LP. Formed in 2013 Altered Death play a straight forward brand of death metal citing Grave, Death Breath & Autopsy as guideposts. There is nothing revolutionary or unique being done here but when you're this crushingly heavy and demonic who needs to reinvent the wheel? If you need some new but faithful to the old school death metal Altered Dead's Altered Dead will scratch that itch. Thanks to TakeMetal for pointing this out.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Allegeon - Gray Matter Mechanic

O.P.P. #2 - Greg Proops' The Smartest Man In The World

It''s time for O.P.P again, that's right, Other People's Podcasts! This week the focus is on Greg Proops comedic monologue based show, The Smartest Man In The World.

Who? You might know Greg from Whose Line Is It Anyway, he's the one usually wearing a suit. He has also been performing standup comedy & improv for over thirty years at this point and is truly a master of both art forms. Starting in October 2012 Greg Proops has been recording a podcast called The Smartest Man In The World. When the Proopcast is not being recorded at Bar Lubitch in West Hollywood it follows Greg's travels around the world at various comedy festivals.

What's This Show? I quite enjoy the show but I will admit my listenership has waned over time. Greg is very funny and I agree with everything I've heard him say politically. He is as insightful as he is verbose and pedantic and he ensures his point is made. He calls this the boring preachy part, I like to think of it as a very acerbic news report. The proper way of describing this show is to say that Greg conducts a comic monologue on various topics including but not limited to funk music, feminism, classic literature and left leaning politics. And as high minded and intellectual as this sounds keep in mind Greg continues to be self aware, drink vodka the entire time and comment on the show as it is happening.

The Best Way In: The Proopcast can be a little tricky to get into if one is not already a fan of Greg Proops, funk music or baseball. Imbibing a substance of some kind, be it a "vodka flavoured vodka" as Greg is so fond of requesting from the stage or fat ol' joint, is recommended but not required.  I would recommend some time when your brain does not need to be focused on anything and just listen to Greg rant and ramble hilariously on stage. The other way in that I've heard is while your body is doing something active but your mind is free, washing the dishes or working out, put the show on and drift in and out while your body does it's thing and Greg does his from the stage.

Amnesian - 2016 - Amnesian

Amnesian is a grindcore band from Victoria, British Colombia, Canada. Amensian is their third LP after forming in mid 2013. They play an experimental, aggressive and metallic brand of grindcore. For a three piece band Amnesian generate an impressive amount of chaos with multiple vocalists and songs that change direction and riffs on a dime. This band sounds like a super heavy metallic hardcore punk band shoved in a blender and turned on liquefy. Highlights include Veiled By Hexes, Mire & Craters. Thanks to Dead Air At The Pulpit for pointing this out.


Friday, September 16, 2016

Gene - 2016 - Assid Head Cassingle

Gene is a punk rock band associated with the KCrew from Kansas City, Missouri. Assid Head and Black Sheep are two slabs of overblown, weirdo punk rock. The guitars are thin and tinny but pull of some great solos while literally everything else is covered in a layer of noise. Assid Head reminds me of the Coneheads with their manic energy while Black Sheep starts with a hint of surf rock before exploding into more noisy punk.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Negative Standards - 2016 - Fetters

Negative Standards is a hardcore punk band from Oakland, California. Fetters is their debut LP. Members have also played in Acts of Sedition, Reivers, Pills, Akatharsia, nasty.dilemma and Exhaaust. Expect downtuned hardcore punk saturated with doom and covered in crust.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Plebeian Grandstand - 2016 - False Highs, True Lows

Plebeian Grandstand is a punk rock band from Toulouse, France. False Highs, True Lows is their third LP. Plebeian Grandstand play an incredibly abrasive & chaotic brand of hardcore punk also throwing in mathcore, black metal and all the noise you can handle. They describe themselves as a "dissonant and asymmetric blend of black metal, hardcore rage and apocalyptic atmospheres." They fit right in with the rest of the Throatruiner roster.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Flatbush Zombies - 2016 - 3001: A Laced Odyssey

Flatbush Zombies are a hip hop trio from New York City. 3001: A Laced Odyssey is their debut LP. Flatbush Zombies are part of a new wave of East Coast rap, the beats are intense, the flows are on fire and overall this is essential listening. One of the few hip hop groups doing something interesting with a focus on drugs, the others being $uicidieboy$ and EASTRN▽SUNS.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Blossom - 2016 - Weight Of The World

Blossom is a two piece metallic hardcore band from Kingston & Belleville, Ontario. Weight Of The World is their debut EP garnering comparisons to bands like Jesuit, Torn Apart and Turmoil. Blossom play a heavy, metal tinged brand of hardcore incorporating post-hardcore and left the clean vocals at the door. Highly recommended, Thanks to Dead Air At The Pulpit for pointing this out.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Blood Pressure - 2016 - Need To Control

Blood Pressure is a hardcore punk band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Need To Control is their debut LP. Members have also played Direct Control, Government Warning, No Time, Sickoids, Mercy Killings, Masakari, & Heartless. Expect raw, blown out hardcore with lots of gruff shouts and a touch of d-beat for flavour. Thanks to Cut & Paste for pointing this out.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

$uicideboy$ - 2016 - DIRTYNASTY$UICIDE

$uicideboy$ is a rap duo from New Orleans. DIRTYNASTY$UICIDE is the third of four EP's they have released in 2016 so far, a collaboration with another rapper/producer Germ. $uicideboy$ create a drug fueled brand of hip hop. The beats are one of my favourite things about $uicideboy$, they find the sweet spot between complete fire that a rapper can just rampant over and being ethereal, light cloud rap style beats. $uicideboy$ is one of the few rappers I've heard that openly talk about their addictions, mental health issues alongside occult references, graphic violence & drug dealing and an overarching satanic influence. Given that DIRTYNASTY$UICIDE is $uicideboy$'s third of four EP's they've released this year it is remarkable how consistent and great it is, there isn't a weak song on this EP. Highly recomended if you're into dark, occult music.

Friday, September 09, 2016

.gif from god - 2016 - ...defragmented....reformated

.gif from god is a six piece hardcore punk band from Richmond, Virginia. Members have also played in  Caust, Cage You Call A Chest, Kaoru Nagisa and Truman. ....defragmented....reformated is their debut LP. To call .gif from god simply and only a hardcore punk band is reductive, the band finds themselves at the crossroads of post hardcore, emoviolence and grindcore all wrapped up in layers of noise and distortion with some bleeps and bloops like sprinkles on top.

As soon as a song establishes itself there is a breakdown or a transition or an explosion and the song turns on a dime from electronic bloops & bleeps to emoviolence like explosions of screams and guitars. This album will be off putting to a lot of people but for those who crave chaotic and explosive hardcore punk this album is crucial. The easiest way in is probably the songs Rats, it showcases everything .gif from god is capable of wrapped around a more standard song structure. Other highlights include Technology will kill you 111111; empty grave, shallow mind; i'm still alive but my head is full of shit; maybe none of us understand what we have lived through and self pwnage for a narcissistic nutjub.

If you find yourself in need of some noisy, chaotic, emoviolence and grindcore influenced hardcore punk .gif from god's ...defragmented,..reformatted will scratch that itch, Many thanks to Open Mind/Saturated Brain for pointing this out 

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Amnesian - 2016 - You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire

Amnesian is a three piece grindcore band from Victoria, British Colombia, Canada. In advance of their 2016 self titled LP they released this cover of a classic Queens Of The Stone Age song. There is very little of the grindcore Amnesian present, the focus is on bone crushing heaviness and an admirable commitment to the original song. It has wet my appetite for their new, self titled LP.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Full Bloom - 2016 - Demo

Full Bloom is a five piece hardcore punk band from Detroit, Michigan. Relatively straight forward with just a hint of post-hardcore noise

Friday, August 12, 2016

Monday, July 25, 2016

Cheap Appeal - 2016 - Demo

Cheap Appeal is four piece punk band from Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. Demo is their debut recording. Members of Cheap Appeal have also played in  Lush Vegetation, Big Crux and Vacant State. Cheap Appeal play a brand of punk rock that takes a nod from hardcore and a nod from from more melodic, garage style punk rock, The singer has a classic gruff, aggressive shout while still managing to be at least slightly melodic. The band behind him play a distinctly melodic but still fast & aggressive brand of punk that is somehow as catchy and full of hooky riffs as it is angry and fuzzed out. If you're in need of some short, fast & angry melodic punk Cheap Appeal's demo will serve well.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Anxiety - 2016 - MLP Anxiety

Anxiety is a hardcore punk band from Glasgow, Scotland. MLP Anxiety is their new LP courtesy of La Vida Es Un Mus Discos. Anxiety play a relatively straightforward brand of hardcore punk, recorded in what sounds like a dank cave. Everything is then covered in layers of noise and distortions with some black metal flourishes to really drive home the dark, cold, chaotic atmosphere. If you're looking for some weirdo hardcore punk that never pulls any punches Anxiety's MLP Anxiety will serve well.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bullnettle - 2016 - Bullnettle

Bullnettle is a three piece punkish garage rock band from Portland, Oregan. Bullnettle is their debut LP, released by Dirt Cult Records. Members have also played in This is my fist!, The Beauty Shop, A.C.P, Manipulation, The Mushuganas, Ambition Mission, The Blackouts, The Arrested and The Ian Nose Project. Bullnettle play an energetic brand of lofi garage rock that would have fit nicely on college rock playlists when that still meant something specific. Everything, including lead singer Annie Saunders' vocals are wrapped in fuzz but generally stays on the melodic side. Annie has a great urgent but still melodic shout that she puts to great effect while distortion envelopes the driving rhythm section. Highlights include Animal Farm, No Grit, The Ditch, Ghosts and Red Dog.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Arms Race - 2016 - New Wave Of British Hardcore LP

Arms Race is a five piece hardcore punk band from London, UK. New Wave Of British Hardcore is their new LP courtesy of La Vida Es Un Mus in Europe and Painkiller Records in the USA. Arms Race play a no holds barred, no shits given, everything turned up to 11 brand of hardcore punk. With the average song just over a minute and a half Arms Race are experts at cramming riffs & moments into these hardcore punk jams. If you're looking for a whirling dervish of a hardcore punk band to provide the soundtrack for the utter destruction of everything around you, Arms Race's New Wave Of British Hardcore LP will serve quite well.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

DayxNight - 2016 - Evoke

DayxNight is an electronic producer from Canada. Evoke is their debut LP. If Air was less focused on songcraft, more on on experimenting with textures and sounds to create chilled out, ambient heavy sparse electronic soul it would sound like this.


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bleeding Gums - 2016 - II

Bleeding Gums is a four piece punk rock band from Chicago, Illinois. II is their debut LP. Expect straightforward hardcore punk rock. The songs are good while the distorted, blown out production hurts but shouldn't matter too much if you're into hardcore.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Black Vice - 2016 - Rituals Of The Anti-Cosmic Doctrine

Black Vice is a black metal band from Austin, Texas. Rituals Of The Anti-Cosmic Doctrine is their debut LP. Expect straightforward, no frills, lofi black metal.

Red River Family

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Birthday Noose - 2016 - Noosifer

Birthday Noose is a punk rock band from Akron, Ohio. Noosifer is their new LP. Expect a fuzzed out brand of punk that throws back to the psychedelic, reverb soaked 60's.


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday Sedition #2 - Emma Goldman - Anarchism & Other Essays

This week in the Sunday Sedition the focus is on Emma Goldman and her collection of writings, Anarchism & Other Essays. Initially published in 1910 by Mother Earth Publishing it consists of twelve essays on subjects as diverse as prisons, education and patriotism. While some of it has not aged as well as other parts it is essential for Anarchsim: What It Really Stands For.  Ebook here, online text here and audiobook here

Emma Goldman was born in what was the Russian Empire, now Lithunaia, in 1869 and emigrated to the US in 1885 where she ended up in New York eventually joining the emerging anarchist movement. She was a fiery speaker and writer, was jailed at various times, accused of inciting a riot and advocating for women's birth control. She was deported from the US in 1919 first to the Soviet Union where she became disillusioned with the USSR.

Gillian Carter - 2016 - Dreams Of Suffocation

Gillian Carter is a screamo band from Palm Bay, Florida, USA. Dreams Of Suffocation is their fourth LP. Expect screamo with an experimental bent, incorporating ambient sounds and unexpected instruments to create intense, compelling & slightly chaotic screamo.


Saturday, July 09, 2016

O.P.P. #1 Stop Podcasting Yourself

O.P.P is one of our new segments here at Project:Burnt, it stands for Other Peoples Podcasts. Each week will feature a review and recommendation of an excellent podcast. Most of them will be comedy but there will also be a focus on documentary storytelling and public radio.

The Show: This week the focus is on Stop Podcasting Yourself or SPY. SPY is a chat show from Vancouver, BC, Canada hosted by comedians Dave Shumka & Graham Clark on the Maximum Fun network. Each week they have a funny person, sometimes a local comic, sometimes a nationally known comic in town and sometimes an internationally known comedian in town for a series of shows or a festival. This is one of those shows where the hosts have such excellent charisma and know how to have engaging conversations with their friends. It feels like you are just sitting in the corner listening to these funny people talk about the most ridiculous things and then some overheards.

The Way In: The best way in would be to search for a standup comic that you are a fan of and start with one of those episodes. I would highly recomend starting withing any of the Paul F. Tompkins appearances, he is hilarious and has a great relationship with Dave & Graham. Once you get into it you will probably go back and listen to every single episode in order like I am currently. Until then, start with Charlie Demers, Ivan Decker, Erica Sigurdson in terms of locals, Dana Gould, Andy Kindler, Reggie Watts & Brent Butt for more well known comics.

Friday, July 08, 2016

Frankie & Jimmy - 2016 - Death Letter EP

Frankie & Jimmy is a two piece delta slide blues band from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Death Letter is their latest EP. Frankie & Jimmy play an energetic brand of delta blues. The guitar playing is fairly straight forward, foot stomping delta blues while the singer works on losing his mind while working out these classic songs. Jimmy covers his vocals in a layer of distortion that only serves to amplify the eccentric, punked up energy of Frankie on the acoustic slide guitar. Is this what happens when punks listen to and start playing the blues?

Death Letter serves to show two sides of Frankie & Jimmy. They blast through Death Letter and Sweet Home Chicago with a demented, foot stomping energy leaving on gasping for air. The EP closes out with a lackluster, full band cover of St, James Infirmary. It's not that the playing is bad, the band keeps up the standard they've set but the final song seems to lack to the energy and verve the first two songs did. If you're looking for a young, eccentric blues band to keep your eye on, Frankie & Jimmy will serve well. 

Baby Ghosts - No Ditching - 2016 - Split EP

Baby Ghosts is a four piece punk band from Salt Lake City. Return Of Bones (Part I and Part II) is their follow up to 2014's Maybe Ghosts LP.


No Ditching is a five piece punk rock band from Pity Me, Durham. Members have also played in Fashanu, Jazz in My Pants, Bear Park and Martha.


Thursday, July 07, 2016

SXXN - 2016 - Alive

SXXN is a Canadian producer of experimental electronic music. Alive is his new EP. Alexander Venesoen describes his work as an "experimental...darker...outlet for me. Truth isn’t a factual thing...For me it’s about communication. I really enjoyed making this, hope you get some enjoyment out of it too."

Nanette - 2016 - Disempower

Nanette is a three piece screamo band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Disempower is their second EP, follow up to 2015's Living Fossils//Low Morale. Be prepared for some mathy, emo post-hardcore.


Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Blodad Tand - 2016 - Control Alt Delete

Blodad Tand is a three piece hardcore punk band from Sweden. Control Alt Delete is this groups debut EP, released by Dirt Cult Records, but far from their first endeavaour as members have also played in Regimen, Commitment Crew, Skitsystem, Martyrdöd, Blisterhead and Another Year. Blodad Tand play a stripped down but still hard hitting brand of hardcore punk. The guitars don't need huge amounts of distortion or noise to hammer the riffs home. The singer has found the sweet spot between sounding like a snot nose punk, spitting venom and a more emo, gut wrenching shout. There is nary an ounce of fat on this EP, each song bursts into existence, slams riffs into your ears and is gone almost as quickly, They blast through these 5 songs in just over 10 essential minutes. Here's where I would list my favourite songs but there's no need when every song on an album is great.

Malos Modales - 2016 - Cronicas Terrestres

Malos Modales is a four piece punk band from Monterey, Mexico. Cronicas Terrestres is their debut EP courtesy of Drunken Sailor Records. Members have played in División Minúscula and She’s A Tease. Expect three chord garage style punk pop.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Scolding - 2016 - Scolding

Scolding is a five piece hardcore punk band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Scolding is their debut EP. Scolding play a dark brand of hardcore punk with influences coming from both crust & d-beat.

Monday, July 04, 2016

Crime Department - Bad Sex & Physical Wi-fi

Crime Department is a two piece experimental punk band from New York City. They have released two EP's this year, Bad Sex & Physical Wi-fi. Crime Department are aiming at "putting the punk back into Daft Punk" and consist of Officer Salad and Deputy Bag. Both of these EP's where mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.

Generally speaking Crime Department play a noisy brand of punk rock unafraid of electronic or sythesized sounds. In practice that means a base of driving punk rock that is is then caked and covered in distortion, samples and various electronic bloops and bleeps. There is very little information available other than the bandcamp page but apparently one of Crime Department people played in Adorno.

Crime Department blasts through 4 songs, three originals and one cover, in under 11 minutes leaving the listener a little confused as to what exactly just happened. Bad Sex leads off with the hard rocking, breathless punk rock jam that is Hospital Art, full of energy and covered in layers of distortion. Snooze closes out the first EP, a very funky bass line and acoustic guitar fight the samples and noises before the song erupts into a frenzy of synths, pounding drums and call & response vocals.

Physical Wi-fi leads off with the title track, a riff heavy jam with an noisy, synth background and just enough cowbell while closing things out with a cover of the Saint's classic (I'm) Stranded.

Crime Department does not seem concerned with adhering to genre standards, just pumping out excellent synth based punk rock jams.

The Caufield Cult - 2016 - Cult

The Caufield Cult is a four piece screamo band from Signapore. Cult is their latest LP. Expect screamo/post-hardcore/skramz/


Sunday, July 03, 2016

Sedition Sunday #1 - Peter Kropotkin - Memoirs Of A Revolutionist

Welcome to the Sunday Sedition. Each week there will be a piece of political news or a link to a political ebook/pdf. This week is Peter Kropotkin's autobiography Memoirs Of A Revolutionist.

Peter Kropotkin (1842 - 1921) was a Russian geographer, economist, activist, philologist, zoologist, evolutionary theorist, philosopher, writer and anarchist. He is perhaps most well known for his theory of Mutual Aid, that cooperation is more successful evolutionarily speaking than compeititon. He was born and raised in a well off family and could have become a noble person at the court. Instead he rebuked all that and became a scienttist, anarchist and revolutionary.

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Class Zero - 2016 - Desinteressierte EP

Class Zero is an experimental post-punk project from Germany.  Desinteressierte is their debut EP. Expect home recorded garage esque darkwave. Thanks to iamtheleastmachiavelian for pointing this out.

Friday, July 01, 2016

Naileater - 2016 - Chains

Naileater is a five piece hardcore punk band from Innsbruck, Austria. Chains is their debut EP. Naileater play an aggressive, crusty brand of d-beat focused hardcore punk. There are no wasted moments or breaths on this EP, everything hits as hard and heavy as it can, creating an intense atmosphere of heavy, dark, crusty hardcore. To be clear, if you don't have a penchant for slammingly heavy and oppressively dark, crusty hardcore then there's not much here for you. This record is long on pounding riffs and oppressive atmospherics. Here's where I would normally list my favourite tracks but there's no need when an album is this consistent, each of these four songs is essential in their own right. Highly recommended. Many thanks to Dead Air At The Pulpit for pointing this out.

JFM -2016 - 'Bo

JFM is the stage name of canadian electronic sound manipulator Jesse Frank Matthews. 'Bo is his new EP. Expect "fractured, lo-fi mutations, from submerged House to tape dub and beyond"


Thursday, June 30, 2016

Jeff Collins - 2016 - Colors

Jeff Collins is a singer songwriter from Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. Colors is his 2016 LP. He also performs with a band under the name Mother Upduff. Expect eclectic, psychedelic americana complete with cello, sax and sitar.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hesitation Wounds - 2013 - Hesitation Wounds

Hesitation Wounds is a punk rock super group from the USA. Hesitation Wounds is their debut EP. Jeremy Bolm (Touché Amoré) pulled together guitarist Neeraj Kane of The Hope Conspiracy and formerly of The Suicide File and Holy Fever; bassist Stephen LaCour of True Cross and formerly of Trap Them; and Jay Weinberg who had performed with Madball and Against Me!, before joining Slipknot. They wrote these songs on a Sunday and recorded them on a monday. They have finally followed it up with a full length LP, taking their time writing and recording it, Awake For Everything, released by 6131 Records.

Nanette - 2015 - Living Fossils//Low Morale

Nanette is a three piece screamo band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Living Fossils//Low Morale is their debut EP. Be prepared for some mathy, emo post-hardcore.


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Aesop Rock & Yo La Tengo - Dorks (live)

Aesop Rock is a producer and rapper based in Portland Oregon, his new LP, The Impossible Kid, is his seventh solo LP. FacebookTwitterOfficial site. This is Aesop's network television debut.

 Yo La Tengo is an American indie rock band, they released their fourteenth studio album Stuff Like That There, in 2015. Facebook. Twitter. Official site.

Monday, June 27, 2016

C.C.T.V. - 2015 - C.C.T.V.

C.C.T.V. is a punk rock band from Northwest Indiana. C.C.T.V. is their debut EP. There isn't much information as there doesn't appear to be an official web presence. According to Discogs members also play in: Big Zit, C.C.T.V., Carbonleak, Gun (13), Like Bats, Ooze (7), Pukeoid, Raw Nerve, Scabs (2), Wild Injuns, D-Boys (2), Shitkickers, United Positive Squadron, D.L.I.M.C., Gordon Spicer Band, Guinea Kid, Hardcore Contest, Hot Beef, Liquids (2), Night Fever (4), Public Assault, The Coneheads, The Outs, Voice Of Reason (4), Wasted Effort (2), Z-Turds.

The two best tracks are Anxiety and Paranoia, the latter is a hard driving, riff focused energetic song with squeeling keyboards while the former has a more wiry and danceable riff with the same off kilter, nervous energy. Quiet is perfectly good but nothing spectacular and Mind Control never gets its act together to be more than an oddity.C.C.T.V. play the a very similiar brand of weirdo punk rock to Coneheads. The guitars are high pitched, sounding like they are wound as tight as they can go, the drums and bass pound out a hyper rhythm while the singer floats above melodically.
If you are looking for some weirdo, Devo influenced hyper punk rock C.C.T.V.'s self titled 7" will serve well. Thanks to Cut & Paste for pointing this out.

Aesop Rock - The Impossible Kid

Aesop Rock is a rapper & producer based out of Portland, Oregon. The Impossible Kid is his seventh solo LP. Facebook. Twitter. Official site.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

CRVEL - 2016 - Sombras

CRVEL is a noisy, reverb soaked post-punk band from Yucatan, Mexico. Sombras is their new LP. Facebook


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Deathsticks - BSHC Split EP- 2016

Deathsticks is a self described garage noise rock band from Whitby.
BSHC or Bullshit Hardcore Band is two dudes and a drum machine playing jammy lofi punk rock.

Slægt - 2015 - Beautiful And Damned

Slægt is a four piece blackened metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Beautiful And Damned is their sophomore LP. Beautiful And Damned is consistent from beginning to end regardless of the genre Slægt is playing in. Slægt play a brand of metal mashing together demonic black metal vocals, epic thrash metal riffs and a sense of evil and doom from black metal that combines into a compelling, surprisingly melodic heavy metal. The one exception is the acoustic, instrumental ballad Church Of The Night. It is a downright pretty acoustic song that has no relationship to the metal that surrounds it. The highlight for me is the opening track Move In Chaos, it doesn't feel like it's nearly seven minutes long. The riffs come hard and heavy, the vocalist is in top, demonic form and the whole song coalesces into a nearly out of control blackened thrash whirlwind. If you're looking for some black metal with thrash riffs, Slægt's Beautiful And Damned will serve well.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lunachicks - Mean What You Say

Marvelous Mark - 2016 - Crushin

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Marvelous Mark - 2016 - Bite Me EP

A City Sorrow Built - 2015 - Ai

A City Sorrow Built is a three piece skramz band from Ubud, Republic of Indonesia. Ai is their debut LP. A City Sorrow Built play a chaotic brand of screamo with an infusion of post-rock. At first these rather disparate genres are slammed together with no subtlety, just transition from noisy skramz into calm, beautiful post-rock. By the time the LP ends these two disparate styles have found a way to coexist, the sum becomes greater than the two parts. When added properly and done well some elements of post-rock can give these post-hardcore songs space to breathe.

What would otherwise be a fast, chaotic attack gets slowed just a touch and melody is allowed to emerge from the noise.  Songs like Duka/CitaPelangimu still hit as hard, powered by a slow burn instead of an explosion. Where the post-rock elements really fail and stick out like a sore thumb is in the slow, overly beautiful and melodic intro and interlude.

Compare the transitions between the first three tracks to the suite of epic screamo towards the end of this LP. Dua Puluh is calm, beautiful post-rock with voices emerging out of the mist, Hati/Salju slams into a post-hardcore explosion and an early highlight before giving way to Suaramu and more beatific, melodic post-rock. On tracks four through seven, Datang/Pergi-Hitam/Putih-Pelangimu and Duka/Cita, A City Sorrow Built focus on combing the post-rock and the screamo elements of their sound and they find the happy medium between the two creating some of the best post-rock inflected screamo I've heard in awhile. If you're looking for a band that can pull of both screamo and post-rock while remembering the essential elements from both, A City Sorrow Built's Ai will serve well.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Touché Amoré - 2016 - Palm Dreams

Suis La Lune & Shirokuma - Split 12" LP

new tracks from Suis La Lune & Shirokuma in advance of their split 12″ LP from Dog Knights Productions

Numbskull Action - 2016 - Action & Reaction

Numbskull Action is a three piece garage punk band from Woking, UK. Action & Reaction is their second LP, a follow up to their 2012 debut All The Action. Numbskull Action play a drunken, fuzzed out brand of garage rock. Songs about getting messed up, bad driving and more drinking. Reminds me a little bit of The Libertines in their more unhinged, punked up moments and also Black Ladies a weirdo, catchy punk rock band fronted (?) by Jaime Paul Lamb. These songs have an excess of drunken punk energy and they have the garage levels of distortion down pat, the only thing they are missing is some well placed gang backing vocals and some woah-oh-oh's. Highlights include Bad Advice (It's Not Nice); It's Alright (If You Wanna Fight); I Don't Know Your Name; A.F.O.T.G.S.; TV Commercial & I Smell Clutch.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Jay Arner - 2016 - Crystal Ball (video)

Accidente - 2016 - Pulso

Accidente is punk band from Madrid Spain. Formed in 2010 Pulso is their third LP, followup to 2014's Amistad Y Rebelión (read my review of said previous LP here). In the two years since the last LP Accidente has improved in nearly every way but especially in terms of songwriting and recording/production. Pulso comes exploding out of the gate with the excellent title track setting a high water mark early on. This LP expands on everything that I loved about Amistad Y Rebelión, high energy, danceable punk rock with a message. Accidente are experts at balancing the need for aggression, speed & energy with melodic vocals and inspirational & political lyrics. Here is where I would list my favourite tracks but when it's basically every song on the LP there's no point.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Fabulous Fairies - 2016 - Alrite No!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Divers - 2016 - Achin' On (Single)

Divers is a punk rock band from Portland Oregan. Achin' On is the follow up to 2015's LP Hello Hello. The b-side is a cover of legendary Portland band Dead Moon.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Amygdala - 2016 - Population Control

Friday, June 03, 2016

Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies


Thursday, June 02, 2016

Algae Bloom

Swollen Members - Balance

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The great deflation and what comes next

I haven't written anything since the election on October 19th. I felt it pointless, Canadians were too obsessed with false victories in the political spectrum. "Defeating Harper" and the sort even though really the public has just once again been manipulated into doing exactly what was desired as I wrote about during the federal election breakdown 4 part series last year. Such as it is the honey moon has worn off and no amount of fancy public relations can hide the effects of the great deflation, and new bosses that look a lot more like the old bosses each and every day.

Look around folks, just.. look around.

The world is sinking into chaos.

Here at home Canadians are bickering about pipelines and other useless drivel as the elephant in the room goes unmentioned. The "west vs east" divisive lines I don't think have ever been so prominent in my life time. In many extreme "right-wing" circles there's even been talk of separation; silly of course but still, it's new. Or old, depending how you look at it. Articles like "It's raining schadenfreude on Calgary and Alberta" actually exist. The more the economic situation deteriorates, the worse the baseless finger pointing will become.

"It's the NDP". "It was the Conservatives". "It was Justin, and his hair".

You all need to just stop and think for a minute.. just what is it you expect to happen?

Look elsewhere in the world, it's not just here. Divisive fault lines are showing up everywhere. The "European Union" is falling apart as their already horrid ponzi-conomy has just been laden with the additional cost of refugees courtesy of NATO's war in Syria. China is escalating it's direct challenge to the U.S. in the South China Sea. Russia. The Middle East. And surrounding all of this conflict is intense divisions. You want to understand how divide and conquer works? You're witnessing it.

The great deflation is going to be a very trying time for a lot of people. Here is a portion of what I wrote early last year on the great deflation:
The majority of the world economy is now supported by near zero, zero, or negative interest rates. Seven years on from the peak-oil induced "great recession" central banks are finally out of ammo. Inevitably this situation can not last forever and with the Saudi's pushing the collapse in oil price the stage has been set, and in fact the play is already in the first act, for deflationary spiral the world has never seen the likes of before because the world has never seen a fiat asset bubble of this size before.

The expected benefit economists are expecting from lower oil and gas prices are not going to materialize as the middle class which is the primary driver of this trend has been crushed by unaffordable consumption and debt accumulation. The easiest path for this excess wealth to take is towards paying down debt which in itself is inherently deflationary and will only contribute further to the deflationary spiral we've entered. 
The artificial deflation of oil is having a direct effect on the outlook for oil related employment and income which both Canada and the U.S. have been completely reliant on for wealth generation. The entire myth of the current "U.S. recovery" which Canadian economists are banking on is essentially based on the economic performance of the shale oil industry prior to the collapse in price (you'll remember the latest U.S. recovery narrative was originally about the boom of shale oil) which is no longer valid. Without the high incomes oil related jobs provide the unaffordable asset bubbles become completely unbalanced. This is why the Bank of Canada is citing mitigating the effect of low oil prices (lower inflation) as the reason for lowering interest rates while effectively ignoring the increase in inflation high oil prices represent. They are selectively interpreting the situation to service their own needs of maintaining the credit markets. 
No amount of low interest or free currency can ever hope to make up for the loss in energy bounty as a result of peak oil and the focus on low EROI energy production though as currency is not wealth itself but the representation of wealth, it has an end of life and this is where C51 becomes very important for the status-quo.
It's now one year later, was I right?

The divisive environment in Canada is being driven, and I believe purposely fomented, on a false pretence; that if only we will build pipelines, if only people will stop talking badly about the oilsands, if only, the Canadian economy will come roaring back to life. That the job losses will stop, and the jobs return. It keeps the focus, and the arguments, and the finger pointing around a single topic: pipelines, and not say the more important topic we should be talking about: are the oilsands even viable to produce at any price?

This oil price collapse really couldn't have come at a better time for Alberta's oil companies who prior to the collapse, when they were even projecting oil to go higher, were already planning cuts to labour and investment. Companies have been looking at automation as a solution to the labour problem the oilsands have created for years. Of course readers of this blog should know all about 'the labour problem'. Despite the heartfelt rhetoric of guys like Doug Suttles who says the layoffs are the worst he's seen (and I also presume ever responsible for) the unspkoen and it seems long forgotten reality here is that the layoffs and drying up of investment in the oilsands were already happening anyway.

Low oil prices has simply provided an excuse to speed up this process and not take the blame. What little blame has been remaining and not directed at the Saudi's has been kindly redirected towards the new NDP government by the always helpful and awfully plentiful "grass roots" movements that for some reason always seem to have ties back to industry.

The blame game has left very few people talking about the very real problems Alberta and subsequently all of Canada is and is about to be facing. Take for instance the massive expense of cleaning abandoned oil and gas wells which I was discussing in my Alberta Election post which have now come to the forefront among many other issues. Enbridge has set a long term plan to move away from oilsands all together.

It should be noted that all around the world the oil situation isn't exactly good. The deal to "freeze production" between the Sauds and Russians should be of particular interest for those who understand the geopolitical game at foot here. As I wrote last year an informed Twitter follower informed me that the Saudi's were not working against the Russians, but were working with them. This new deal, which is not a deal I should point out between the Saud's and so-called 'Saudi-America', continues to fit the grand story of global divestment out of the USD. Divestment which is becoming so noticable that even the National Post wrote something about it.
It is a chilling statement from an expert on both gold and China. But he is speaking the truth: In a G2 world (the United States and China), he who is the piper calls the tune, and China holds a US$2-trillion mortgage on the United States and is not happy. This country, along with others that lend money to the United States, such as Saudi Arabia, will determine the value of the U. S. dollar and gold. And they have spoken. They are not buying more U. S. treasuries and are buying gold as a new asset class. China announced that it was doing so quietly, and recent reports are that the Saudis and others have been buying bullion and hocked gold jewellery from around the world. 
The only way is up for gold prices because the United States, which backstops the International Monetary Fund, the world's lender of last resort, has had to become its own lender of last resort. 
Washington has cranked up the printing presses in an unprecedented way, replicating the behaviour of its spendthrift corporations and consumers. This year's budget is US$3.5-trillion, bigger than any in history. 
And as Ing points out, the "bi" in this bipolar global economy is China. Beijing has not only started to hoard gold but has continued to talk up a new reserve currency concept to replace the U. S. dollar. The only reason the Chinese and others don't dump U. S. dollars is because it would be like shooting themselves in the foot. 
Inflation, on top of excessive money supply dilution, will (unless mitigated by growth or stoppage) reduce the dollar's value. Ing estimates that the printing of money to bail out banks, autos and the U. S. economy will create a catch-up in gold bullion prices: "Gold should be US$9,000 an ounce to cover the [current and projected] U. S. monetary base," he says. 
China has become the world's fifth-biggest gold hoarder, in addition to being the world's biggest gold producer (through its government-owned mining companies). I also suspect that China is behind the political sabotage in Mongolia, to its north, which has for five years prevented Ivanhoe Mines of Vancouver from producing gold and copper from its massive discovery. 
Clearly, China also has been dis-investing from the U. S. dollar by getting slowly into hard assets (stock, commodities or ore bodies), which I have written about. This concerns Washington, which is why Hilary Clinton, U. S. Secretary of State, made her first state "house call" in Beijing to make nice with America's first mortgagor. 
At that time, and publicly, too, China warned the United States about its dollar woes, while suggesting a basket of currencies to replace its pre-eminence. These scary pronouncements were followed by an announcement in Washington a few weeks ago that there would be a massive U. S. Treasury buyback of U. S. bonds. Put another way, the Chinese and others aren't buying anymore so the surpluses are being mopped up by putting more on the taxpayer tab. 
It is an irreversible trend that China and others will continue to disinvest and diversify out of U. S. dollars, and that inflation will further impair the U. S. dollar's value. That's because the U. S. monetary/economic rescue is simply Washington's version of the excesses and over-leveraging that led to the need for a rescue in the first place.
Speaking of gold, Canada just recently sold half it's reserves. Yes, that's right. Half. So whatever the government "deficit" is you're hearing about these days, add half our gold supply to it.

Are you starting to get the picture folks? This is not normal. This is not normal at all.

When the Saudi Minister says things like this:
“The producers of those high-cost barrels must find a way to lower their costs, borrow cash or liquidate,” the minister told a business audience in Houston during a speech at the IHS Ceraweek event on Tuesday. 
“It sounds harsh, and unfortunately it is, but it is the most efficient way to rebalance markets. Cutting low-cost production to subsidize higher cost supplies only delays an inevitable reckoning.”
You must understand what he is really doing: he is calling North American oil production out on it's bullshit. And worst still he shows the real target: the banks. Borrow more, he says. But he knows these oil companies can not borrow more, and that their hedges are now expiring, and that the defaults are about to start rolling in.

Peak oil.

I've seen a lot of people talking about peak oil lately. It's pretty amusing. Apparently we beat it. Because the world is producing excess oil apparently all the peak oil theory is junk. Nevermind that were producing much of it at a loss. Nevermind that for almost an entire decade now we've been talking about "the recovery". Nevermind that for the first time in modern economic history banks around the world are having to introduce negative interest rates which our own BoC has even discussed. Just never. Fucking. Mind.

Exxon Fails to Replace Oil, Gas Production for First Time in 22 Years
Exxon Mobil Corp. disclosed Friday that for the first time since 1994, it failed to find enough new oil and gas to replace what it produced last year.
Oil investment is weakest in 30 years
That will be the first time since 1986 that upstream investment has fallen for two consecutive years, the agency said, warning that the collapse could be storing up problems for consumers further down the track. 
"It is easy for consumers to be lulled into complacency by ample stocks and low prices today, but they should heed the writing on the wall: the historic investment cuts we are seeing raise the odds of unpleasant oil-security surprises in the not too distant future," said IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol on Monday.
So. Who can guess what comes next after the great deflation? Anyone? Bueller?

Once the defaults really get rolling and work their way thru the banking system all confidence in oilsands and shale production will be destroyed. The levels of investment weve seen will not be returning. Ever. EVER. I really want that to sink in. When I discussed Alberta's new permanent reality, I really did mean permanent.It will be when the damage is done that the Sauds, along with Russia, and their partner China will finally give North America exactly what we've been asking them for: they'll turn off the taps. And all hell will break loose. This is how they will put the final nail in the coffin of the U.S. dollar.

By turning off the taps the price of oil will rise very rapidly, lacking it's own production North America will be forced to buy foreign oil in whatever currency they choose. They will not be choosing the U.S. dollar. This will also be the start of true hyperinflation in the U.S. as the energy shortage quickly adds pressure to deflation and they are forced to print more and more currency (borrow it from private banks at interest that is) to simply get life's necessities.

It's not a pretty picture but unless the people all around the world stop pointing fingers, making baseless accusations, and petty demands and stop just long enough to realize we've all been had, these forecasts, like my previous ones, will quickly be upon us. Just look around.

China says 'really needs' South China Sea defenses in face of United States

Originally posted at Canadian Trends.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Holy Monitor - 2015 - Aeolus

Holy Monitor is a psychedelic rock band from Athens, Greece. Aeolus is their second EP, the follow up to debut EP Golden Light. Holy Monitor play a psychedelic brand of rock, infusing their stomping tunes with layers of noise, distortion and fuzz. Sometimes they focus on the groove of the song while at other points the riffs are overwhelming. Either way the  fuzz layered songs come straight at you enveloped in a haze. Bend The Trees is dirgy without sacrificing riffs with whispered vocals and a sweet solo and Winterlong pulls back to one riff behind to focus on the dirge with chant like vocals. If you enjoyed Golden Light are are looking for more psychedelic rock to swirl about then Aeolus will serve well.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Busted Outlook - 2015 - Promo 2015

Busted Outlook is a five piece hardcore punk band from the Bay Area, California. This demo is a cassette promo for their 2016 LP to be released by Refuse Records. Members have also played in Disgust, Hostile Takeover, Sourpatch, Permanent Ruin, Ex-Effluxus and Scalped. This demo EP picks up exactly where Spitting Wind left off and amps things up. The guitars are thicker, the riffs are better, everything in general has been turned up a couple of notches. There are some gang vocals, more solos and the songwriting has improved. If this is indicative of where they are headed for their first LP then I am very excited.